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Rolls-Royce Dawn – Super elegant, luxurious and classy

Model Drophead is developed from Wraith and brings image of the four-seat roadster that is sporty and upper class.

Rolls- Royce described Dawn as the " Sexiest Rolls - Royce in history " , is indeed very difficult to argue with that. It may not be " the most romantic car : as the Silver Dawn Rolls-Royce in 1952, but it is definitely " more sexy ".

 more sexy
Remains the same body style of the previous models of the family of Rolls-Royce , however , 80 % details of Dawn body is designed differently. In the first part , grille on Dawn  is made smaller than the other lines , combined with LED headlight design and exquisitely subtle , gives Dawn a very modern and luxurious style. Part of front and back fenders and doors are adorned by a long red line. The car is also equipped with optional 21 or 20- inch wheels , fitted with hinged door backwards . Whatever angle you look at the car remaining extremely classy and beautiful .

Rolls- Royce

Rolls- Royce Dawn can be seen as the next generation of Wraith Coupe and Rolls-Royce  now removed hardtop part, replaced with a convertible. The tophard part is made from soft fabric type that is made up of 6 different layers with technich called French seam. That ensures absolute soundproof when the Rolls-Royce confirmed that Dawn is quietest convertibles in the world . It takes customers about 22 seconds to close / open the hood and this movement can be done even if the vehicle moving at a speed of nearly 50 km / h.
Luxurious furniture

Luxurious furniture

Dawn is a car with 4 seats and the rear seat is really enough for two people to enjoy greater comfort and luxury. Owned vehicle size 5.285mm long , 1.947mm wide , 1.502mm high , with 3.112mm wheelbase , unloading weight 2.560kg ( about 200kg heavier Wraith because of complex hood system) .

Furniture of Rolls-Royce Dawn is luxurious by using high-quality materials such as precious wood , cowhide and some rare types of shiny chrome details.  The details inside the interior of the car are very reasonable arrangement to provide the maximum utility to the user. Besides, the storage space of the car at about 21 liters for comfort to the personal items when you want to take along with you.

Strong Engine
In terms
In terms of performance , Dawn is equipped with 6.6 -liter V12 twin-turbo , 563 horsepower for power and torque of 575 lb - ft . Automatic transmission of 8 levels of ZF. Weighing 2,560 kg , Dawn takes 4.9 seconds to accelerate 0-100 km / h , the maximum speed of 250 km / h. In addition , the car is equipped with Active Cruise Control function that also helps the car to manually adjust speed to suit the car is moving in front from 300 m.
Super Price
Rolls-Royce Dawn sẽ được bán với giá từ 384.700 USD và khách hàng sẽ phải chờ đến quý 2/2016 mới được nhận xe.
Rolls-Royce Dawn is sold at from US$384.700 and the customers have to wait until the second quarter of 2016 to get it.

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