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Scion - Toyota's bitter lesson

Once realized a fact: Young customers want to buy only Toyota brand car like their parents. Toyota has decided to death for the young brand - Scion

Early of February 2016, after many years saw its sales that is slumped, Toyota announced to death the Scion brand, which is aimed at young consumers.
Scion was established in 2003 with the goal of targeting customers of the younger generation. Scion has famous for designing alternative, rebel, like xB box design, and this is brand that Toyota used when thay want to test new types of marketing, such as pop-up or list price (no bargain) .
However, the fact that as adults, this generation started to buy Toyotas, just like their parents.
Next is Generation Y - 9x generation. At first, this group is not buying cars because of not working and have to pay tuition fee. But when they started buying cars, they prefer the brands that their parents used, and also would want to buy Toyota.
Scion's product catalog
Scion's product catalog
Also some other issues with Scion. Product catalog includes small cars, the "grotesque"shape that has never been as enthusiastic market, while the price is more expensive than the car in the same segment, because of some equipment, such as a touch screen , is optional in the other vehicle that is fitted as standard on the Scion.
2016 Scion tC Coupe
2016 Scion tC Coupe
Best-selling models of the Scion is tC coupe with price from $ 21,330, more expensive $ 2,600 than the Honda Civic.
Scion does not have the SUV, while this is the most exciting segment of the US market.
At its peak, in 2006, Scion sold more than 173,000 cars in America only. In 2015, the company sold 56,167 cars, while Toyota's own Corolla line achieved sales of over 363,000 units.
Therefore, since August of this year, the 2017 Scion vehicles will be labeled a Toyota. Sports car FR-S, iA sedan and iM hatchback 5 will be in Toyota's product catalog. Small SUVs concept with small size C-HR unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show will be produced by Toyota. TC coupe form will stop production in August.
The Scion iM concept unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2014
The Scion iM concept unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2014

Toyota said it expected the Scion’s achivement, which attract young customers, half of the 1 million vehicle Scion buyers under 35 years of age, and 70% of them for the first time to set Toyota Group.
Toyota Care maintenance program now, with two years of free maintenance, is to learn from Scion. Lexus currently testing policies listed price of the Scion, and Toyota will soon deploy fast purchase program. Scion has taught Toyota knows that consumers want a transparent price policy and want a quick sale.
Scion is a test
Scion is a test
Sarah Wall - a marketing and communications specialist 39 years old  and living in San Francisco, said she bought a Scion xD in 2010 for the listing price policy. The car looks different, easy parking and low maintenance costs.
Wall said she was sad to Scion is no longer a stand-alone brand. However, she said the future will consider buying Toyota vehicles, especially if the brand is also applicable listing price policy.
The Scion death decision of Toyota will not significantly affect the dealers and the customers. Scion sold only in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, where there is no separate dealer with 1,004 Toyota dealers. After the death was the Scion brand, Toyota dealers will take over warranty service, maintenance for customers.
The automobile manufacturers death a brand or stop operating in a market that's not unusual. Ford Motor Co. was dead the Mercury brand in 2010, and many brands, such as Izusu and Renault, has withdrawn from the US market. However, senior analyst Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Book said it was the first time a brand for the US market by a Japanese manufacturer was dead.
However, according to analyst Ivan Drury of site, Scion's death is not alarm bells for other brand small cars, such as MINI of BMW or Smart of Daimler.
The brands created a clear difference compared to the parent brand and not as Scion.

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