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“Selfie Stick” is out of date back to the days of “Selfie Drone”

PhoneArena stated an analysis source on IoT Group showing that the tendency “selfie sticks " of 2015 was old , and will probably be replaced by " selfie drone ".

The selfie stick has become a symbol of the era and culture " oversharing " ( sharing photos and information anytime, anywhere ). The selfie stick (stick takes a selfie ) brings joy to those who like to take photographs , but also makes many people feel uncomfortable . So , in some places it is prohibited to use sticks to take a selfie , partly because they can be dangerous for people around because the users pay attention to take photos and hit the stick against others.

In fact
In fact , mainstream to use support tools to take a selfie photography is developing in the direction that can cause more dangerous , so use selfie drone in stead of selfie stick.
ROAM -e 
ROAM -e is one such device . It is an unmanned aircraft designed for special purposes as photography. Its job is to always move around you to capture perfect images at multiple angles and live footage. Equipment using a face recognition technology and by default, it will not fly more than 25 meters away from you . Additionally, you can also choose Follow Me mode to keep it from you a fixed range of 3 meters . In panoramic mode , Roam-e can fly around the user and take 360-degree photos.  Its price is at US $ 349 (VND 7.7 million) and will be delivered within 12 weeks from the date of order.


Roam -e is capable

Roam -e is capable of connecting with smart phone of users and iOS and Android support . It just is equipped with an image sensor with a resolution of 5 MP with the ability to fly for 20 minutes after 2 hours of charging.

With nearly US$ 350, 20-minute flight , clearly need some more time for this type of equipment becomes cheaper and more popular . Meanwhile , the streets can be filled with the " selfie drone aircrafts" of the users.


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