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3rd generation of the BMW i: BMW i5 SUV

New reports suggest that the third BMW i could be an SUV named the BMW i5.

 The BMW i5 electric crossover SUV (with optional range extender) will likely be unveiled at an auto show sometime next year, and go into production in 2018 or 2019 as a 2019 or 2020 model.

The BMW i5, as previously reported, is expected to be an all-electric five-door crossover SUV with seats for five and a range estimated at around 240 miles.
According to sources, the underpinnings of the BMW i5 are known internally as FSAR, short for flat battery storage assembly, similar to the modular CLAR platform underpinning several new BMWs allowing multiple cars to be channeled through the same factory. FSAR and CLAR will also share different technologies, like faster 5G mobile chips which will help with BMW’s autonomous driving plans.

Battery size is expected to be slightly less than 80 kilowatt-hours, with about 70 kwh of that usable for travel, and motor output is likely to exceed 300 horsepower.

Recent rumors suggest that the BMW i5 could charge at rates as high as 150 kilowatts, triple the maximum output of today's CCS implementations, rated at 50 kw.
The next i model would be a Tesla Model S rival.

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