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Apple Watch 2 will not have many changes

According to infomration about the second generation of Apple Watch, tentatively called Watch 2

Despite of advertisement since the launching date last year, but the first smart watch of Apple Watch has not really shown remarkable ability in compared with its rivals in the market. 
The company never discloses sales figures of Apple Watch, except information from CEO Tim Cook said that the product sales increases with each quarter.
There is a fact that , although Apple Watch has not become a revolutionary product , but that does not mean the competitors do not feel worried.
Apple Watch
Apple Watch 
In deed, if looking back history of Apple products, we can see that it must take a time for the products as iPod and iPhone to become a global phenomenon.
With Apple Watch, the Analysts think that everything should start being given consideration when the second-generation version of the product is released.
Still, reputable analysts about Apple 's products Ming -chi Kuo said that we may have to wait until 2017 then could witness a re-designed productsof Apple Watch.

According to Kuo , Apple plans to create a new Apple Watch that has design similar to its predecessor, can be viewed as version " s " of Apple Watch ( like what to do with the version " s " of iPhone ) , this means the company only brings a number of improvements in the hardware only.

A concept design of Apple Watch 2
A concept design of Apple Watch 2
While Kuo does not go into details concerning the improvements on Apple Watch 2 , but it seems to be sure that the product will be faster , and it is important to improve battery life compared to its predecessor.
Earlier, the analyst Brian White then claimed that Apple may introduce a new Apple Watch with design of 20-40 % thinner  in June . 
But this raising a question mark about the battery life of the device, so the rumor from Mr. Kuo is thought likely more accurate.


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