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The Paris Motor Show 2016 has seen the unveiling of the BMW Concept X2

 The Paris Motor Show 2016 has seen the unveiling of the BMW Concept X2. Featuring a distinctive design that sets it apart from other X models, it draws on the BMW Group’s history of building coupés. The result is a compact vehicle exuding urban sporting appeal.

“The BMW Concept X2 is a vehicle for active people looking for a combination of enjoyment and practicality,” explains Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “The concept displays a new and exciting facet of the BMW brand in the compact segment.”
The design – a successful blend of dynamic appeal and solidity.
The BMW Concept X2 fuses apparent contradictions into a single coherent statement. “It combines the fast-moving body language and low-slung proportions of a coupe, with the robust construction of an X model,” says Karim Habib, Head of BMW Design.
The large wheels and familiar two-box design underline its functional X model character, while the long wheelbase, stretched roofline, short overhangs and heavily forward-slanting C-pillar give the body a sporty, low-to-the-road feel. The interplay of dark cladding and Luminous Red body colour make the Concept X2 look even slimmer from the side.
Two facets to a singular character – the side view.
The upper section of the car’s flanks is dominated by sporty design elements. The elongated roofline and slim window accentuate the vehicle’s length, while their tapering towards the rear helps form an athletic shoulder section.
The window surrounds and integrated two-piece mirror bases, both made from brushed aluminium, add an extra touch of class. The logo on the C-pillar is a classic design cue, referencing BMW models of the past.
Lower down the car, customary X-model features come into play. Muscular surfaces, large wheel arches and stylistic underfloor protection around the door sills form an intriguing contrast with the dynamic elements further up. Wheels are 21-inch light-alloy versions, while tyres with chunky treads point to the potential for fun off the beaten track.

 Dynamism and presence – the front end.

The front-end design of the BMW Concept X2 features a heavily raked windscreen, a newly interpreted double kidney grille and large air intakes – all creating a slow-slung look. The kidney grille is sited a little lower than the headlights, and features heavily angled bars for a “shark nose” effect, bringing additional depth.
The central air intake is closer to the road than the two outer intakes, making the centre of the car appear lower, underlining the dynamic verve of the front-end design. Finally, the laser light technology used by the headlights enables very slim light housings, while the blue X in the centre of the hexagonal tubes adds a further design accent.
A powerful statement – the rear end.
The rear of the BMW Concept X2 rounds off the exterior design in distinctive style. Width-accentuating elements such as the slim rear window and horizontal lines reduce the vehicle’s perceived height and underscore its sporting pretentions.
Other details include the way the rear window emerges elegantly from below the spoiler, and the prominent tapering of the window area along the sides. Below this, the fresh interpretation of the lights’ familiar “L” shape frames the LED element as an illuminating three-dimensional sculpture.
The almost uninterrupted transition from tailgate to rear apron creates a cohesive overall picture, while a large tailpipe at either outer extreme emphasises the car’s broad stance.
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