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Explore the mysteries of the "time tunnel" in China

A tunnel in China is said to have the ability to actually turn clocks back an hour simply by driving through it

The 400 meter tunnel in Guizhou ) China is called “time tunnel". This tunel is gamous for its time-changing effects  eight out of 10 times, the mobile clock went back an hour.

Reporters from Gui Yang Evening News have apparently tested out China’s time travel tunnel on multiple occasions, using their own cell phones. They’ve found that the time reversal occurs 80% of the time. 
 And after
And after out of the tunnel, the time on the phone is back to normal.
This tunnel quickly became famous on networks. There are suggestions that it was built in the black hole of time, even some people even think that this is the product of the aliens.

All are the rumors and there is no exact evidence. Even, there appears  a humorous comment: "It is the reason why so many Chinese have long life, they may have gone through this tunnel hundred times so they have accidentally had more time than the actual age ".

According to an information from a local TV station, due to a telephone station near the tunnel have sent the wrong signals to the new electronic equipment so it makes the clocks back an hour. 

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