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How to unlock iPhone as forgotten passwords

Unfortunately, if you forget the password to unlock the iPhone, you can apply the following three ways to unlock your iPhone

1. Using iTunes
- Step 1: First, connect your iPhone to your computer via iTunes.
- Step 2: Press the Back Up Now button to create a create a backup of all data on your iPhone.
- Step 3: When finished, users select the Restore Backup, find to the most recent backup to proceed to recover.
- Step 4: Once complete, you can use your iPhone normally without entering a passcode (Passcode).
Using iTunes
2. Use iCloud
This method only works when you have activated the search phone  feature (Find My Phone) on the iPhone. This is a pretty amazing features of iOS devices, is very helpful in case you lose your phone, because the user can reset all your important data remotely and more.
- Step 1: You visit  address and sign in with the Apple corresponding account.
- Step 2: Click the All Devices button to display entire list of devices, from which you can choose the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch contains Passcode that should be deleted.
- Step 3: Then, click Erase to remove all data and Passcode. When finished, you use the most recent backup to recover all the data, then access the iPhone without passcode.
Use iCloud

3. Use the Recovery mode
If two-way on unusable, you just go to Recovery mode to recover.
- Step 1: First, you turn off power and disconnect the iPhone to the computer.
- Step 2: Press and hold the Home button, connect the device to the computer, after a few minutes, it will appear the words Connect to iTunes on the iPhone screen, at which you can release the Home button.
- Step 3: Finally, click OK and then click Restore iPhone then look to the previous backup and perform similarly.
Use the Recovery mode

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