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NVIDIA introduced Parker: "brain" for the autonomous vehicles

After introducing Drive PX 2 earlier this year, NVIDIA has officially brought Parker - processor for intelligent vehicle systems.

Parker delivers high performance and energy efficiency, while supporting features important to the automotive market such as deep learning, hardware-level virtualization for tighter design integration, a hardware-based safety engine for reliable fault detection and error processing, and IO ports for automotive integration.

There are 256 core, bringing to 1.5 TFLOP computing power, this processor even better response to deep-learning ability in the autonomous system. It can process 24 trillion calculations per second, and this speed can ensure rapid processing capability in most cases occur randomly when self-driving cars on the road.

Parker delivers 50 to 100 percent higher multi-core CPU performance than other mobile processors(2). This is thanks to its CPU architecture consisting of two next-generation 64-bit Denver CPU cores (Denver 2.0) paired with four 64-bit ARM Cortex A57 CPUs. These all work together in a fully coherent heterogeneous multi-processor configuration.


Initially, NVIDIA will soon combine with Volvo being put Parker on the CX90 its cars. Chip developers also hope that the Parker system can be combined with 80 carmakers, tier 1 suppliers and university research

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