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Passion in photography,a guy was nearly being sucked into by aircraft

If he does not react quickly in a heartbeat, maybe the photographers will never go again operational

Heretofore there was a camera-man who immersed in filming then was immediately awarded a rocket in his face, now there appeared another guy with a style similar risked.
Recently there was a case very easily lead to casualties as a photographer who enthusiastically look nice angle, because he concentrated in watching the camera so he did not realize the airplane was landing very near the front hiself.
Daily Mail page says Sebastien Politano
Daily Mail page says Sebastien Politano, a local resident, and is also the owner of the video taping narrowly escaped death in the photographer.

As the video shows, the aircraft was landing at high speed and lower body has nearly hits the photographer's body. But fortunately in a few seconds, he realized and thanked to quick reflexes and should have lowered who dodged the aircraft.
Reportedly this video
Reportedly this video was originally due to Politano took camera to experience the camera 360 that he had just bought . Even then he still did not see the moment of mortal of the photographer, until the review was startled to realize everything.
The other view:
The Gustaf III airport  (Caribbean) - where the  photographer  is working  and nearly being hitted - are standing on list one of the world's most dangerous airport for a very short runway, is located between the hills and sea. The pilots while landing at the airport for this need to be very strong hands and lower altitude close to the road that   are much vehicle traffic.

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