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Synthesis of desktop computer speakers form the most beautiful

Speakers for computers is diversified in designs and forms. For users, one of the requirement for the computers is the quality and the style.

1. Adam Audio F5

 Adam Audio F5
With the large size and the volume, Adam Audio samples F5 is the most versatile desktop speakers . The listeners will be immersed in an environment full bass and impressive high sound from speakers equipped with dual amplifiers ( amplifiers 35W woofer and 25W amplifier for the tweeter ) . Adam Audio also equips  for this $ 500 product the feature which helps to automatically switch to standby mode when no input signal sounds after 20 minutes .

2. UCube Compact USB Digital Loudspeakers 

UCube Compact USB Digital Loudspeakers

Compact portable speakers Ucube is build – in the D amplifier with 30W power. It also works by directly supply from the USB port. UCube uses BMR speaker  technology  Balance Mode Radiator ) with component peake rwith flat membrane which provides sound direction covering up to 170 degrees with bass and midrange UCube speaker is sold at an attractive price of only 150 USD, it is accompanied with luxury aluminum stand .
3. Logitech Z600
Logitech's Bluetooth Speakers Z600 stream audio wirelessly and can connect to up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices at once, making switching the sound output between the devices easy. The speakers sound good at more modest volume levels, and they come with a USB dongle for guaranteed compatibility with nearly all recent Windows and Mac computers.
4. Audioengine A5+
Audioengine A5+
Audioengine A5 + is the best desktop speakers for the studio. Audioengine A5 + speakers is equipped with USB ports and dual audio inputs for devices such as smartphones, tablets, music players, PCs and other compatible devices . Audioengine also provides a 30-day trial  for this $ 400 speaker set . Like the A5 before it, the A5+ has an integrated amplifier in the left speaker—specifically, a 50-watts-per-channel, Class AB amp. The amplifier and thermal grill on the back of the left speaker add significantly to its weight: The left speakers weighs 15.4 lbs versus the right speaker’s 9.6 lbs. Each speaker has a 5-inch Kevlar woofer and 20-mm silk-dome tweeter.
5. Bowers & Wilkins MM-1
Bowers & Wilkins MM-1
Bowers & Wilkins ( B & W ) , the company specializes in producing high-end speaker models, has introduced the luxurious  model - MM – 1. This design makes the MM - 1 to be a companion to the coming Mac Pro models   or other premium laptops . With the of price 485 USD, the MM - 1 also integrates many useful features such as high-end DAC converters and digital signal processing circuit DSP excellence.
6. Audyssey Wireless
Audyssey Wireless
Audyssey Wireless belongs to the wireless speakers line which lets you enjoy music anytime, anywhere. The third generation of Audyssey Wireless speakers is updated its design to interface with multi-platform devices via Bluetooth connection . Sound quality of speakers is stable when transmitted over wireless networks. Besides , powerful bass when opening at high volume. With intelligent design and pearl white cover, Audyssey Wireless is suitable for desktop or bookshelf.
7. Goldsound GS31
Goldsound GS31
GS31 has  nice design, good sound quality , especially in the bass sound.  Following  the trend of authentic and accurate sound, Goldsound GS31 speakers is suitable for recreation of families today. 


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