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You need to know these tips when using the computer mouse

When using a computer if we exploit all the advantages of the mouse then bring highly effective, especially for officers

To help you do this, we would like to introduce some very interesting tips to help you can improve work efficiency.
You need to know these tips when using the computer mouse
1.Highlight the text by pressing Shift + click the mouse
You can highlight the text with your mouse cursor clicks on the text first and then hold the shift key and click at the end of the text replacing the habit of pressing and holding the left mouse button to drag the text from beginning to end. This operation is fast, simple, and no hand fatigue with long passages blacked need.
2.Exploit in maximum the roller 
The roller is not only use to scroll up and down on a page, but also a number of utilities following:
- Roller on the mouse can be used as a button. You can turn them into 3rd mouse button while pressing on roller. You can open a web page in a tab by clicking the roller on any links. At the same time you can also close an opening Tabs by the way to give this tab and click roller.
- Zoom in or zoom out on a Web page, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets ... by holding the Ctrl key and scroll up to zoom in or scroll down to zoom out.
- Hold the Shift key and scroll down in most of the internet browser to return to the previous web page.
- There are several types of mouse with design roller to the left, to the right to move and can be used to go back or forward between sites by this similar way.
Roller on the mouse has many interesting features
Roller on the mouse has many interesting features
3.Double-click and click three times on your mouse
You can highlight any word by clicking left mouse on this word two times. But if you want to black the entire text or question, just click the left mouse button three times in a row on any word in the paragraph.
4.Use the Right Mouse
The function of the right mouse you can view the properties of an object or use advanced options such as copy, paste ... For example, if you mark a file or document, you can click right mouse the item is marked, copied it, and then right-click anywhere else to paste it.
If you highlight or select any file, any text and then click and drag while holding the right mouse to a certain location, an options window "move" or "copy" the file will appear to choose. This will help you save the operation must right-click where you want to paste the items.
5. Press Ctrl and click the mouse or blacked
While pressing the Ctrl key, you can click the left mouse button to select multiple objects or highlight many different texts simultaneously.
When working with tables can also hold the Ctrl key and click each object in a table that you want to copy, or drag your mouse down to select a row without selecting any other row in the table.

6. Use the mouse side buttons 
Use the mouse side buttons
Many new generation computer mouse with additional mouse buttons on the side. These buttons are programmed to perform any function. However, by default, on the left side buttons thumb exposed section can be used to go back on a site.
Using the mouse button on the left side so will help you use more efficient internet browsers, so you do not have to manipulate the mouse pointer to move the arrow back button of your browser when you want to go back a page.
7. Use Window Snap feature 
Snap feature of the mouse is very little feature known people use but very useful if you know it, you activate the Snap the mouse cursor will automatically move to the button appears in a dialog box. For example, if you delete a file or close a window, there will be a confirmation message dialog box. With features Snap your mouse cursor will automatically move to the Ok button, so all you have to do is click the mouse button if you agree. This saves you the time to move the mouse cursor to the OK button and then click OK. To activate this feature to open the Mouse Properties under Windows Control Panel and select the setting for the Mouse and Pointer Options tick to Snap to like this.
Use Window Snap feature
8. Manage your opening windows with the mouse
Double-click the title bar's top any window to expand it full screen window if it is of a minimized window, or shrunk if it is in full-screen mode. You can also double-click the top left corner of the window to close that window.
9. Move the mouse to the keyboard
Instead of using the mouse that go with your computer, you can also enable Windows to use the number keys as a mouse.
Below is a list of the keys on the numeric keypad is used corresponds to the mouse cursor. Note that when replacing enable this, you are only allowed to use the keys to perform the operation.
Move the mouse to the keyboard
10. Customized installation for the mouse
Finally, if you have a mouse with more than two buttons, try installing the software for the mouse comes with many more customized options. For example, if you do not like using the buttons below to move back in a web page, change the settings for the functions you use often more like switching between windows or open a spreadsheet ...

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