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All Pocket Mortys Recipes – List of all Pocket Mortys Crafting Recipes

All Pocket Mortys Recipes – List of all Pocket Mortys Crafting Recipes

Pocket Mortys is also known as Rick and Morty : Pocket Mortys game. Pocket Mortys is a brand new themed role playing game.  The game is developed by Adult swimmers and Big Pixel studios. The game was launched worldwide in January 2016 for both android and iOS based devices. Though the game was scheduled to be released on 14th January but it was actually released a day earlier. The online multiplayer feature was added a little later in June 2017. If you are looking for Pocket Mortys recipes then you are probably at the best place. We have collected list of all pocket mortys recipes for our visitors.

Pocket Mortys Gameplay

Pocket Mortys consists of mainly three screens, An Overworld: in which the player controls the main player; A side view screen and a menu interface. In menu interface a person can adjust settings and configure their Mortys. Player needs to battle their Mortys with other Mortys. The one true Morty which is later revealed in the game is the strongest Morty. There is an important Morty Manipulation chip which is used  to see wild Mortys and to capture them. The player might switch his active Morty during the battle, Select special ability and use them to win the battle.

Morty are awarded exp after every battle. No matter if you loose or win but you still get a good exp level boost after each battle. After accumulating the enough exp the Morty will upgrade.

Pocket Mortys Recipe List

There are many crafting stations which are spread all over the gaming arena. These crafting stations allow you to make new items by combining new items. You will find many crafting stations in citadel of ricks and in various dimensions. There is a limitations on the items that you can carry. So, it is always better to combine various base items into one. Among all the crafts you need some things to proceed in the game. You can craft these things on any crafting station. While other crafts will heal Mortys, they allow you to complete  other objectives. We are making this game really easy for you by providing Pocket Mortys Recipes. If you try to find all recipes by mixing all items one by one it will take forever to find all recipes.

The most important thing you’d want to craft is Morty manipulator chip to capture wild Mortys. You won’t go far in the game using the two base Mortys you are given at the beginning of each game.

Updated: May 17, 2018 — 3:49 pm

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