Clash Of Clans latest update issues – Fixed

Clash of clans Bugs Fixes.
Clash of clans Bugs Fixes.

It is important to realize that installing updates of an application can make big differences to its features. But, updates are not just confined to new features, they bring along changes to the performance and security as well.

Clash of Clans Bugs Fixes during Updates

Bug fixes in clash of clans

Many a times these updates also introduce issues. In April 2019 Spring update Clash of Clans came with a lot of new features such as Season Challenges and Hero Skins but along with these update came an issue. The issue was related to the app not working on some of the devices. A number of devices had blank black screen, just like Windows BlueScreen of Death. The main reason speculated behind this issue is Android’s compatibility with new API approach used by Supercell to serialize data over network.

unfortunately clash of clans has stopped
unfortunately clash of clans has stopped

Before getting into fixing this issue let’s check out the features introduced in the Spring Update.The update offers Season Challenges and Hero Skins as the main changes, but it is also offering 3D Heroes Changes in the leadership succession auto reload CWL size The new reward system new construction suggestions.

And being deprived of these is annoying. But you are most likely to face these issues if you are using private servers like clash of lights So pick up your phone and get ready to fix those Clash of Clans bugs so that you can play your game smoothly

Follow the methods below and get rid of problems like

  • Clash of clans not loading
  • Black screen
  • Screen freeze

Follow Basic Steps

Try to follow the given steps and if these works for you then you are not required to follow the complete tutorial.

Some of the best options available are

  • Try to restart your phone
  • Make your date and time settings correct
  • Re-install the game again
  • Try logging out of your Facebook or Google account and try to login again

Check your internet connection

Sometimes huge role can be played by internet connection as it can be disrupted. So if you are facing problems with your data connectivity try to switch to a Wi-fi connection and then try and launch the game.

Clear Cache and Data of the game

The Cache saves your game progress and sometimes that could be an issue as after updating it’s hard to recognize your game files. Hence, one of the most helpful ways is clearing your cache after updating your game and then launching it.

Given are the steps to clear cache and data files

Step1: Go to settings and application manager

Step2: Select Coc from the applications

Step3: There will be an option saying clear cache and data files “click that”

Step4: Then click clear

Step5: Try to launch your game now

Clear unwanted Apps

You all know that Clash of Clans is a huge game and it uses a lot of resources. So try to remove all your other running  apps and backend updates and then try to launch your game. Now it will be able to use all the resources and your game will hopefully  work.

Check for Blocked Ports

If you are using the internet on a public network like your college or your office. It might be possible that your connection has blocked that game. So try to filter your network and relaunch the game again.

Use Google DNS

If your connection is not supporting the clash of clans server try to use google DNS.

To know how to change the Google DNS settings follow the given steps

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Click on “WiFi” option.

Step 3: Long press on your connected network and then click on “Modify Network“.

Step 4: Click on “Show advanced options“.

Step 5: Change “IP settings” to “Static“.

Step 6: Add Google DNS server IPs to the “DNS 1” and “DNS 2” and set the fields with “” and “” accordingly.

Step 7: Save it. Go to the Home Screen and then relaunch the game.

Use VPN for previously rooted devices

VPN allows you to establish a secure connection with the other network over the internet. Using VPN is one the best method to get rid of the issues like black screen or screen freeze etc. You can find VPN settings in “Wireless and networks setting” in the settings section.

Contact Supercell Support Team

Finally, if all these tips are not working for you then you are in serious problem and only a specialised Doctor can solve it. Try contacting Supercell support system on [email protected]. and they are the only ones who can help you now.

That’s it for this topic now and if you have any experience or ideas on how to troubleshoot Clash of Clans after updating it. Do write to us in the comment section below and we will get back to as soon as possible. We will come up with more such articles for you till that time keep your swords up Barbarians.


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