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Frankly speaking, the online multiplayer capability is one of the best and can be compared to any high-end game out there. In fact, you can play with 6 online players simultaneously. There is also an option to play as two teams of 6 players each. The app is available for Android and iOS. However, if you looking to play it on your Windows PC or laptop, there is no official version of the game available as yet. Even then, there is a way you can use to play the game on Windows. More on that later.

How To Download Mini Militia on your Android and iOS?

Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia is available on Google Play Store. If you are on Android, you can just go ahead and install it on your device from Play Store.

If the game is not available for any reason for your region or your device, you need not fret. In some extreme cases, you may not have access to Google Play Store in your region. In such circumstances, you can grab an APK file from several sites that offer it and install it on your phone by sideloading it on your Android device. If you have not installed any third party apps on your Android before, you may need to enable the app installation from Unknown Sources.

If you are not aware of the steps involved in enabling the installation of unknown sources, you can follow the steps here below –

  • Check out the Settings app on your phone.
  • Check the option for Unknown Sources under the settings tabs. You should be able to find them under SecurityApplications or Privacy tabs. The exact position will depend on your OS version and phone model.
  • Toggle the setting to enable Unknown Sources.

The Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia was actually an iOS exclusive game when it was launched. It came on Android quite later on. You should be able to install it on your iOS device with ease from iTunes.

How can You Play Mini Militia with your friends online?

Playing Mini Militia online is quite simple. You can use any of your nearest servers to gain access to the faster gaming experience. You just need to create a game room and invite your friends. Once they have joined, they can form teams and play among themselves.

Steps to Hack Mini Militia

  • Launch Mini Militia on your phone. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Go to the option Multiplayer and now choose Custom.
  • A custom games servers page will launch. Choose the server that is applicable to your country. Also, check the number of players. Less is this number, it would be better.
  • Do not forget to note down the name of the server so that you can share it with your friends.
  • Join the server.
  • Tap on Host
  • This step will create your Game Room. Provide a name of your choice to your game room.
  • You can password protect your Game Room so that none other than whom you invite can join the room.
  • That does it! You have successfully created your Game Room. Share the details with your friends and let them join you in the Game Room.

Why do You Need Mini Militia Hacks?

Well, there are several reasons you would want to hack a Mini Militia game. Maybe, you want to show off with your friends and boast of your successful run at the game. That is where Mini Militia Mods can be helpful.

Some of the features of the game will need you to opt for a Pro pack. You may be annoyed about seeing people using multiple weapons while you are left with mediocre ones. Hacking Mini Militia gives you access to the Pro features. Maybe you want to compete with your friends. But being a newbie, you are not able to reach the level that they have. No worries – Mini Militia Hacks will let you get the modded version so that you will be able to play with the Pros.

The hacked version of the Mini Militia will let you change your avatars at ease. No need to pay for the Pro version. The Mini Militia hacks will let you get the Pro features and play one-upmanship with your rivals online.

Having explained the need for hacking your Mini Militia game, let us move ahead and find a few hacks you can use for your Mini Militia game.

Some Popular Mini Militia Hacks

You can find Mini Militia hacks on several sites. However, it may not possible to separate the malicious sites from the genuine ones, That is precisely why we have listed the Mini Militia hacks that you can use on your phone.

Mini-Militia Invisible Hack

This hack will let you so near to your opponent and kill him with ease. Wouldn’t it be great fun to confuse the adversary by attacking him when he is the least bit in doubt?

Mini Militia Hacks

The hack also has Add Face and Background Change options if you want to confuse your opponents still ahead. The hack can be accomplished using APK Editor Pro.

Mini Militia Pro Pack Hack

The Doodle Army 2- Mini Militia is available both in free and Pro versions. The Pro version, undoubtedly, comes with a few additional options and features that make the game a little more exciting.

One of the huge advantages of opting for Mini Militia Pro pack would be the ability to use multiple weaponry. A free user does not have access to tools like Sniper, Missile Launcher and the like. Being able to use those high-end weapons should go a long way in improving your gaming experience.

You can get the Pro pack officially from Google Play Store. However, hacking the game would allow you to access the Pro features without spending any money.

Remove Ads

Whether you are on a free or paid version, Mini Militia serves you ads all through the gaming. The ads can get quite annoying. They either hinder your progress in the game or make you click on the ads my mistake. This can launch the browser which you may need to close before you can continue playing the game.

You can easily block the ads on Mini Militia by following some simple hacks.

Those were some of the hacks you can use to enhance your gaming pleasure on Mini Militia on your smartphones. However, that is not the end of it. Keep visiting our site. We promise to keep you updated with the latest Mini Militia Hack options and cheats on a regular and frequent basis.

How To Play Mini Militia On Windows PC?

Sadly enough, Mini Militia is not available on a laptop or PC as yet. Playing it on a large screen will indeed be a great experience. Though the game is not officially available, you can play it on your laptop or PC by following an alternate method.

Use an able Android Emulator on your Windows-powered PC. You can install an Emulator as you would normally do with any other application on your PC. Once done, download and install Mini Militia APK as you would do on an Android device. You can now run the game from within the Android Emulator on your device.

One of the best Android Emulators for use on a Windows-powered PC would be Bluestacks Emulator. However, you can opt for any other Emulator of your preference.

Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia – Download it today and enjoy the best Online Multiplayer Game Ever

We want to make your experience with Mini Militia as much rewarding as possible. That is exactly why we would love to share more hacks and cheats with you. There are several requests asking for the hacks, download links and other details. We promise to keep you updated with the helpful information in the days ahead.

Keep visiting our site and you will never regret it as we strive to come up with the latest information on Mini Militia and the hacks associated with it. Bookmark us today and keep yourself abreast!

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