How to hack Android phone pattern, Password, Pin Without Password Reset!

How to Hack Android phone
How to Hack Android phone

How to Bypass Android secure Lock Screen, Bypass home screen Pattern in Easy Steps?

Somehow Forgot Password for your android phone? Looking for How to Remove/Hack/Bypass android pattern? This is the best guide to help you reset your android phone password.

There are many ways to hack an android smartphone password. But Not all methods will fit depending on your situation. We have given top 5 working methods to hack an android phone password.

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Information: How to locate your device using Android device manager?

There is a service called Android device manager installed on every android phone. As Long you have access to your registered google account you can never lose access to your android smartphone. Android device manager can be used to ring your phone, Lock your phone in case it’s missing or stolen.

It might sound wrong but its the fact as long as you click lock button, The android device manager gets the hold of your device. In case if your android phone is not reachable then keep refreshing and try to relocate it.

After clicking on the lock button you will be prompted to set a new password on android device.  This will replace the existing pin, Password or pattern. Type your new password and click on Lock Device.

Hack Android password: Use Forgot Password feature

If your android phone is having Android 4.4 or lower, Try using the “Forgot Pattern” button. After 5 failed login attempts your device will ask you to wait for 60 seconds while this option coming on the bottom of the lock screen saying “Forgot Password“.

From here you can reset your phone password by logging in to your google account. Enter your primary email and password, Google will allow you to change your phone pattern right there.

Delete Password file using ADB

If you have USB debugging enabled on your phone then this is the perfect fit for you. it only works if you have allowed a computer if you are using to connect via ADB. It’s a perfect way to hack android smartphone login screen. However, the devices enabled with default encryption might not be hacked by this method.

how to hack android smartphone using ADB

step1: Press WindowKey+R to open run dialogue box.

step2: Type CMD and hit enter.

Step3: Navigate to the folder where ADB is installed.

Step4: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key Type this key and press enter

Next, reboot your phone and the secure lock screen should be gone, allowing you to access your phone. But this is only temporary, so make sure to set a new pattern, PIN, or password before you reboot again.


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