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How to hack facebook account password.
How to hack facebook account password.

How Hackers can Hack Facebook Account Password – Secure Ways to Secure Your FB Account!

Hacking Facebook Account is not everyone’s cup of tea! Everyone is looking for Facebook Hacks, How to hack facebook password but only a few things actually work. So, It is important to understand that hacking a facebook account password needs good skills over networking and password stealing. Here are given the ways that show how hackers hack your facebook account? And how you can protect yourself from that.

Disclaimer : This article is not to misguide one! Hacking is a criminal offense and we are totally against it. We are not responsible for any wrong action by you. The only purpose to share this purpose is awareness! If you are that notorious kid who is willing to blackmail someone by hacking their facebook accounts then you should leave this page immediately!

How To Hack Facebook Account password by Phishing

Phishing is an attack when the user uses a fake login page looking same like facebook to steal your Login details. Phishing is currently most popular among the people as it is the easiest way to hack facebook password. The hacker sends a malicious link to his victim. As soon he opens the link and tries to login his details are saved in a database.

Phishing: How to hack FB account using Android

To perform this attack a hacker needs a Fake Facebook login page which looks exactly like the real facebook login page. The page needs to be convincing (Page should not create doubt in the victim’s mind) and ask him to log in.

Steps to Hack Facebook account using Android

Step1: First you need to create a free account on 

Step2: Signup is really Easy! Create an account and proceed to the next step!

Step3: After creating an account successfully, Now go to Login Panel at left top corner, enter your registered username & password and click on Login & go inside the Z-Shadow.

Step4: On this page, you will get different types of apps to select from. Choose any app you want, Select one that you think your victim will open.

For example: if your victim wants more facebook followers then you can select the link that promises to give free facebook followers then it might be easy to hack!

Step5: Select language English. (Select language according to your victim)

As soon as the victim, open it and enter his/her password and Hit Login Button. His Account Will be Hacked!

Steps to get Facebook Email & Password  using Android Phone

Step1: Open your Z-Shadow account and click on My Victims button on the top.

Step2: You will get Login details, Email, and password there!

How to protect your Facebook Account from Phishing Attack?

No matter how advanced the phishing attack may be, But the only key to attack is the fake link that the hacker wants you to open. Awareness is the key!

Here are some points, Always remember them:

  • Never open any link that promises to give unlimited Facebook followers etc.
  • Always login to fb by typing “” directly on your address bar.
  • Use Google Chrome as it identifies phishing page and blocks them automatically.

Hacking Facebook Password using Keylogger.

Keylogger is another malicious program that works on the back end.  The keylogger has the ability to hack any type of password which includes your bank accounts, Secured information, etc. You might not want to give away your passwords that easily?

A Keylogger is installed on a victim’s computer, it records everything victim types on their computer. The details are then sent back to the attacker by either FTP or directly to hackers email address. Seems dangerous, isn’t it?  Let’s have a look you can protect yourself from such kinds of attacks.

How to protect yourself from keylogger attack? 

  • Never use any pirated software
  • Scan removable storage devices ie: Pendrives, Sd cards, CDs for viruses. Here is a list of Best free antivirus that you can use!
  • Never open spam links and Emails

Password Jacking / Password guessing To hack Facebook 

Password Jacking is not hacking but guessing the password of your victim. If you are looking for “Hack girlfriend’s facebook account password” then it is for you! You must be knowing every single detail including the email address of your friends. The only thing you need is the password!

Here are some suggestions: Normal people don’t generally keep very complex passwords. It is either their own name or someone close to them. You can browse the internet for best common passwords for facebook to get a list of most common passwords. But as it seems it is really hard and takes a hell lot of time (Not recommended!).

How To Protect Yourself  From Password Jacking?

Well, Its quite easy! Just make sure no one can guess your password.

  • Use Stronger Password (Alphanumeric with Uppercase and lower case letters)
  • Don’t use common passwords like Date Of Birth, 123456, etc.

UPDATE: Hack Facebook Password Using Cookie Stealing

Cookies are some important files that save your data which is used frequently like your passwords, Contact information, billing address. So, You can assume how secured cookies should be. A hacker can easily take over or steal your Facebook account password using cookies. 

Well, Actually you can only access facebook account using this method you can not actually change or hack facebook account. Ever experienced that sometimes you type in your address bar and you are already logged in to your facebook account? Well.. That is because of your Session cookies. The same way you are automatically logged in to your facebook account the hacker will also save your cookies into his pc and access your account the same way!

Now the question Arises that how can a hacker hack your facebook account without getting Cookies? Well, You already know the answer. Hackers don’t actually get the login details, but they can access their victim’s Facebook account by cloning their cookies, tricking Facebook into thinking the hacker’s browser is already authenticated. There are many tools like Firesheep which are perfect for this purpose.

But, Firesheep works only when the attacker and victim are connected over the same WiFi network. Aside from jacking attack is another name for HTTP session hijacking, but it’s more targeted towards WiFi users.

How to Protect Yourself Against Cookie Stealing?

  • Make sure you don’t leak cookies over HTTP always use HTTPS websites.
  • Avoid using Public WiFi networks.
  • Always use a VPN for safe browsing.


    • You can try to reset your facebook account password, Hack your facebook account password using the above methods to get your account back.


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