What is an online exam photo resizer?

Resize your images online and signatures for online Applications.

How to edit an image without losing its quality? How to resize an image for forms submission? How to resize an image for exams like JEE, GATE, SSC, UPSC etc? If you are struggling to upload your photo and signature images for filling out a form then you need the right tool to help you out.

Each entrance form requires different format of image like .jpg, .png, .jpeg etc while you are filling out any form online. Not only format but the image size and dimensions are also a problem. It becomes really frustrating when you have to run separate tools to convert file format and dimensions separately. All you need is a tool to help you out by making your image ready to upload on entrance form.

There are many existing options available for changing image dimensions and sizes separately, But that can be a huge waste of time.

ExamPik – Freeware that allows you to resize your exams pic in just 3 clicks.

ExamPik is a free online tool and very easy to use. ExamPik can be used to convert your images in just a few seconds. Follow the steps given below if you want to know how to resize exam image on ExamPik.

Step1: Go to https://www.exampik.com
Step2: Click on the upload button and browse for the image you want to resize.

Upload image (www.exampik.com)

Step3: Browse for the image you want to resize.

Select Image you want to resize

Step4: Crop your image according to your requirements. You can also select the college entrance exam name to automatically adjust image accordingly.

Crop image and press crop button.

Step5: Adjust size (max 12MB in size) and resolution in both cm or px. You can set resolution in any format as it is mentioned in instructions.

Step6: click on resize button and download the file.

Download your converted image.

Easy, wasn’t it?

Exampik.com provides you the best option to convert any image online. You can resize your images for free using ExamPik.com.


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