Titanium Backup Pro 8.3.3 Apk Latest Verison Download Free

Titanium backup pro apk
Titanium backup pro apk

Titanium Backup Pro Apk Latest Version Download

Android phones are very popular these days. Your phones are getting smarter day by day but still, a wise person will never completely rely upon technology. We usually keep our important emails, images, personal data, at one place only, And that is our phone. Have you ever imagined what will happen if you lose your phone? or All your personal data is deleted by an accident? Do you keep a regular back up of your Phone? If the answer is ‘NO’ then in this article we are going to discuss Titanium Backup Pro 8.3.3 Apk.

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Your phone is one of the main components of your lives. This is because of our lifestyle that its really impossible for us to live without a smartphone. If our lives are so dependent on our gadgets (especially our phone) we need to start backing up our important data saved on them. No one knows what may happen and as a result, you may lose all your data. Maybe this is why you should save a backup copy of your data on the cloud

Titanium Backup pro APK Download:

Titanium Backup Pro is a perfect backup tool that creates a complete backup of all data on your android phone. It has some additional features like backup, freeze & restores your apps, market links, and data. Titanium backup pro apk takes backup of  all system apps, protected apps and external data stored on your SD card. The best part of this application is that the backup process does not interfere with currently running apps. You can also create scheduled backups and 0-click backups are also available. Also, You can transfer any app to your SD card or vice versa.

Titanium Backup Pro is a paid Apk, Titanium backup pro Apk features and direct download link is given below!

Download link titanium backup pro apk
Download link titanium backup pro apk


Download Titanium Backup Pro APK

Features of Titanium Backup Pro APK

Titanium Backup Pro Advanced Features:

  • No need to close other apps when backup process is going on.
  • Share backup by email
  • You can also restore apps data from Clock World Mode backups.
  • Dalvik cache cleaning
  • Apps freezer enables you to save RAM usage and increase battery life.
  • Restore individual apps as well along with app data from TWRP backups!
  • Integration of Dalvik cache with ROM
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Convert app data to fast WAL format and vice versa.
  • It allows CSV export of any app via DB (Google Docs or email).
  • Freeze/ launch/ defrost apps in one click
  • Protection of backup against accidental deletion
  • Keep multiple backups for every app
  • Dropbox sync
  • Encryption
  • Convert user apps to system apps
  • Market Doctor: It relinks apps to Market.
  • Integrate system app updates into ROM
  • Hypershell speed
  • You can destroy all the Market links too.

There are many other different components too. Titanium Backup Pro is made to protect your gadget from going down in any situation like losing your phone, Or phone is not rebooting for any reason. Titanium Backup Pro allows you to make more than one backup which is compressed by using many compressing techniques. You can also protect that compressed RAR file with a password for more security. You can also control information on your gadget with the assistance of this application like eradicating store and vagrant information. Download Titanium Backup Pro Apk to check these amazing tools and to protect your information.




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